Data Romance, an electronic duo from Vancouver (CA), hired me in 2010 to design the album artworks, exploring the band's brand through an artistic way. 

"Daniel's involvement in artistic direction with the band Names has been paramount in their growth as artists. The digital album Paint as well as various wallpapers and works of art all stemmed from Daniel's creative mind.

Recently Names had created a new band name: Data Romance, and with it, a new artistic direction and image was required. Coincidently around this time, the group was offered the chance to compose the original music for a new film, Life Cycles. They used the film's cross promotion as an opportunity to help re-brand themselves, releasing a new track "Ghosted" used in the film's trailer, and creating a new official website.

At the forefront of all of this new content was Daniel. Not only were the website graphics, art and online profile pictures created by Daniel, but the release of the digital single Ghosted was coupled with his album quality original artwork available as wallpaper for desktop, ipad, and iphones. This undoubtedly increased the value and quality of the release and made it more appealing for fans. Since the release, Daniel continues to provide brilliant artistic direction for the band by being responsible for the majority of their visual content."

(Ajay Bhattacharyya from Data Romance)

Daniel Bonavita