Cover album artwork, graphic design and visual arts experiments.

Names is Ajay Bhattacharyya and Amy Kirkpatrick. They are young and honest musicians from Vancouver, Canada. Their sound sits somewhere between intelligent pop, elegiac trip hop, and emotionally charged electronica. Their live performances need little more than a monome, synthesizer, and Amy’s voice to crate beautifully elegant soundscapes of their fresh take on modern music.

Many thanks to Ajay Bhattacharyya and Amy Kirkpatrick.
Currently, they're called DATA ROMANCE

Daniel’s been in contact with us for about half a year now. He’s from Brazil, and likes Metal, and ambient electronica. What more could you want in an artist? Definitely keeping in close contact with this guy has kept Amy and I motivated throughout the last while to not give up on art for the sake of art. The whole idea of collaborating and putting more art that you’re proud of out into the world should be rewarding enough. The reception of the art should be an afterthought, and definitely not mulled over while creating it. (Testimonial by NAMES - 2010)

Daniel Bonavita